Can you believe Sax. St Mary’s has been open almost a whole school year. How fabulous is that? My Christmas treat for the children was a day out on the nearest beach + lunches. But what about buckets and spades? We can’t go to the beach without those….so we didn’t! A kind donor bought them, another bought the ice creams for the end of the day and on we went. Do please note the menu, cooked very early in the morning by the teachers and mothers, just before we left– chicken and rice with an avocado salad made on the spot! The huge pans were wrapped in paper and to my surprise, stayed very hot indeed. Not a single lunch was dropped – as you can see, children here take their lunches very seriously. We had everything, from the water to wash the hands, to the hula hoops, tables and chairs! The bus driver wasn’t very happy, but we blithely ignored him and sensibly loaded the children on first, since there’s no driver that can face dozens of crying children as he hoiks them off…..always works!

The photos are self-explanatory, but look at Carlos’ budding group of architects! To see children sieving sand over and over again, just for the pleasure of it, running to the sea (in groups with us) to fill up the buckets, more sieving and sand pies……..for hours!……was worth everything to me. It was a bit grey and windy, unlike today, a week later, when it’s been boiling hot, but as only a few had caps, just as well!

Happy Christmas to all of Educateperu’s supporters – You have made such a difference to so many children and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for doing that. Talking about it is one thing, doing it is quite another. We’ll be beginning again in Feb/March after the holidays…..with some great news!