I went and visited my old school, Gisleham Middle School, where I did some work and also spoke to the year 7 (11/12yr olds) pupils. They had been fundraising by making and selling cakes and gave me the proceeds with which to godparent 2 more children. Another event by the whole school raised so much money, that another donation was given for another child. So, a big thank you to GMS pupils. They seemed rather amazed that with their efforts of a few hours, 3 children would be able to have hot breakfasts and other benefits for the whole of this coming year. I think it’s lovely, as well as an invaluable lesson, that this is for children that they have not even met and probably never will. On another day, I went to speak to the children of Newton Flotman Primary school, just south of Norwich. They have formed a penpal club and want to write to the children of Saxlingham St Mary’s in Peru..another interesting connection. They asked me some really good questions – and William told me how to remember that the Andes is a range of mountains in Peru …”it’s the “Undies” miss”…..I shall not now forget! The Rotarians of Diss provided a challenging set of questions – after first lulling me into a false sense of security with a lovely dinner – but I think they were happy with their answers and have promised to help. A retired accountant was also impressed and is auditing our accounts gratis….better and better. Then a dash to see the Rev Graham Steel, the Bishop of Norwich’s minister who is co-ordinating the Lenten Appeal. So all in all, a manic but magical trip home….topped off with seeing my family again and being able to thank them for their unfailing support.

By the way, although it’s been a battle royal, we are nearly there with the Charity Commissioners….should I have said that? CRB checks are the latest obstacle which we are now awaiting. You’ll know as soon as I know! Thank you to everyone and in addition, my various and long-suffering neighbours in Saxlingham, who lent me their car, brought me lunch, ran me here and there and let me use their email and telephone……where would I be without you all? Nowhere! Love Jill x