So sorry everyone! – That I haven’t written this blog for a while. Carlos and I got married on Easter Saturday and I had to organise the wedding in 5 weeks flat! Then 2 weeks later I took 40 children to France for 4 days but we also managed to “acquire” 2 illegal immigrants in the boot of the coach, so you can imagine the paperwork that caused! Just as I thought I really could sit down peacefully and go through the dozens and dozens of recent photos of the school, my workload at school doubled……and all this time, all I really wanted to tell you was how lovely the children have been in Peru, sending us wedding wishes, photos etc and what successes Educateperu has been lining up here.

 So, here is the first success: Remember the Lentern Appeal money that the Bishop of Norwich gave to Educateperu last year? Well the not inconsiderable amount of almost £2,000 was left over till the end of the year and has just been passed on to me last month. I went along to meet Bishop Graham at the end of February and he was very interested in our school. I have already sent the money on to pay for much-needed water pipe repairs and a connection to a mains water system, which is being newly laid by the local authority. This has made the new toilet block and kitchen systems much more easily served and also means that the water from these new toilets is now recycled after filtration, to water the plants and trees that we have.