Angie is the half sister of Michel, a godparented child and his younger brother and she looks after them a few days of the week, whilst at school, to help out while her mother works 6 days a week. Angie left our school last year to go back and live with her dad, but she still returns to her mother’s house in Pachacutec every week. The boys are still at Santa Maria.

She has just won one of the 200 places given annually to the cleverest pupils in Peru, to go to a State boarding school. All her expenses will be paid for 2 years and it will give her an “entrée” into any university she likes, including abroad. A dream for most Peruvian students……….but she won her 9th  place from thousands of entrants.

She had to pass a written test and the second round was an interview. What would you have answered to the question “if you are sharing a bunk room with someone and you want to sleep but they have the light on and are working,  what would you do”?

Her answer was:  “I would first ask them how long they would be…….and if they still needed to work, I would get up and help them so that they could finish more quickly”………..that is why a high calibre pupil such as Angie deserves the best. That is why I raised the money to put up Santa Maria in 2008. It was ‘to help Peruvians help themselves’. We are so proud of her and another girl, Kelly  Yazuri Narvaes Arapa who also won a place.

Here’s Angie in 2019, studying International Administration and Management at the San Ignacio de Loyola University in La Molina, Lima. She has to come top of the class in every exam to maintain her grant.