The main event of the month is the inauguration of “Corinne’s Kitchen”. (I wanted to call it “Corinne’s Canteen”…but that translates as “cantina” which here means somewhere where blokes go to get drunk….errr no then!)Corinne Abraham has run the London Marathon twice for us, so I’ve named our canteen after her. I’m going there this week with a template to paint her name on it….then I’ll put a photo of the outside on the blog. The mothers here are cooking the “carapulcro” for lunch that was their present to the teachers for “Dia de Profesores” , Teachers’ Day. The herbs they are holding are to make the “refresco”, a term used for any “natural” drink that accompanies a meal. The children ate too with the teachers and some parents, in their respective classrooms. The equipment was donated by Coprodeli from another project for the earthquake victims of last year, so that saved the funds of Educateperu – which we are now all gathering and hoarding, working towards the 2 new classrooms needed for the next school year.