I arrived for the event to find everyone outside on the “ patio” – as the outside play area of sand is called – returning the school furniture to the classrooms. It was so wet and misty outside that everyone and everything was soaked, so all outside activity was abandoned and we squashed into one classroom! Imagine a classroom built for 30 + children with about 150 people trying to keep a space in the middle for the children’s dancing and acts. The space got smaller and smaller, the noise grew, the people ended up 3 deep outside the classroom looking in (we do “hora ingles” there….bit of a shock to some parents still to find that “we are starting at 3.30” doesn’t mean 5pm!!)…and we had a great time! At one point, the version of “Old McDonald had a farm” Peruvian style,(photo with costumes) nearly got out of hand, when the pig (Nayeli, a big girl) got a bit fed up with the duck bumping into her and doing it all wrong, so grasped her by the arm and hauled her into place a bit over-enthusiastically and they both fell over…….lots of shouting and shoving, quickly sorted out by the nearest teacher – me!