3 Cheers for Beatriz,the volunteer lady who comes from the Sierra which is renowned for its cultivators. She is showing the children how to plant and care for seeds, so that they can grow their own food. She has planted beans and sunflowers amongst other things and this last week was going to have a lesson with the older ones on transplanting. If you look at the June blog, you will see what an unpromising enterprise this looked to be. The newly-created flat “terrace” bit is now full of sprouting plantlets – see how they are growing. It’s a bit of a pale photo as it was still so murky the flash went off! What value “education” in the widest sense of the word……that is what we are about in Saxlingham St Mary’s. The other photo is of the 2nd grade classroom window sill. The carnations are part of the children’s science lesson where they are learning how plants uptake fluids….how much more interesting to show them with coloured water and see the white carnations turning yellow (this colour worked faster than the rest, so more observations to be made).