27 of us Educateperu godparents had a great laugh (and I like to think, a nice meal) at the end of January.  Here we are reading the Christmas cards our children had sent us. We had some new godparents, who must have wondered what they had come to, such was the noise in my 2 room house, general jocularity (polite word for overall rudeness to Jill!) and chat. It was my “thank you” to those stalwarts who give our children in Peru a much better educational experience than they would otherwise have. The children have lunch and breakfast, 2 essential texts a year paid for and their matriculation – a matter of the law in Peru.

If you don’t eat, you cannot study – a fundamental stark truth. Soon, we will probably have to suggest an increase in the amount, such are the rising prices there – or as I prefer, do some fundraising to cover any deficit. However, for now, it’s the best £10 a month that anyone could spend. Our idea is to keep children in school until they are 16 when they have a possibility of entering a technical college or some kind of training. If they leave at the end of primary school as is often the case now, they don’t have enough basic education and literacy to manage a course. Remember, we don’t want any of our children selling avocadoes on the street or cleaning shoes.

This will be my focus when we go back after the saga of Carlos’ visa has run its course next year. Meanwhile, a BIG THANK YOU to all who came and to all who support us. One year, I am sure our American friends will arrive en masse – and we will respond with extra cakes, obviously! As it was, Carlos made a chicken dish, whilst muttering “I’ve only ever made this for 2 not 30”!! I made a pork dish and then various salads, rice, jacket potatoes and lemon souffleSSSS too – and all was eaten. Sorry USA – but we did think about you! love Jillx