no 2no 4Happy New Year everyone – and a huge thanks to every single man, woman and child who helped Educateperu, by donations, events, efforts and encouragement. It was all very gratefully received……..and I’m hoping you’ll all do it again this year!

Here is the reason why we all do it…..the godchildren are receiving a present that was bought just for them, in their favourite colour, the correct size – imagine that when you only ever have hand-me-downs from someone, sometimes boys wearing girls’ clothes and vice versa. Carlos went to help with the buying and to be there on their party day. He said it was moving and humbling. The children were silent at first, had to be told to open their present – imagine that here – and then were beaming from ear to ear. For many, it would be their only present.

Last year’s achievements were the finishing of the primary school, with its lovely bathroom block, community dining room, thanks to the Bishop of Norwich’s Lenten appeal, so that 280 children could go to school; the setting up of the Guide group – the photo is of their jamboree day out to the very green premises in Surco, on the nicer tourist side of Lima. Carlos paid for their bus and the Surco guides gave them a lovely day of activities and games and lunch. Then there was the playground equipment for the little ones and the planting of greenery everywhere.

guides 3 on bus

This year we will put the first Secondary classroom and we are continuing with our investigations into the sustainable water and electricity, so that eventually, sooner rather than later, we can put a bakery, a medical post etc. Thank you everyone who has enquired re. the progress of these ideas. The “problem” is that Peru is massively bureaucratic, all sorts of permissions are required, obstacles appear as if by magic, quotes aren’t given when promised, prices change and so on. However, the interest of the outside world and what we are doing, means that the children are set a good model of attitude, right and wrong and how to live a better life, how to serve others and help their own country to progress.

guides 1

If you have not yet received a Gift Aid form, you soon will………..this only applies to UK tax, sadly, but will give us a good financial boost this year. The Educateperu “books” are being audited now, as we are a reg. Charity – and the accountant has donated his time gratis this year.  What a nice man.  With love and thanks to you all, Jill xx