Well here we are again – and I’m sorry it’s April and not March as it should have been. We have moved out of our flat and supposedly into a new one….except that it isn’t finished, doesn’t have water, so we had to leave our stuff there and live with friends … .and we’re still there as I write, 2 weeks later. However, in true Peruvian style, there’s a lot of “sorry señora, mañana for definite! On the basis that if we are there, we can nag even more efficiently, we’ll be moving in in a couple of days!

However, far more spectacular and interesting is that Junior (see last blog) succeeded in his exams and the new school extension is underway! One whole year after we started, we are already on an extension. The extra children are there, but it’s not finished yet. We didn’t want them to miss any more time, so the teachers are managing as best as they can. I took the photos with someone else’s camera – who hasn’t sent them to me yet! The lovely thing though is that again, the fathers (and mothers) who are qualified to do so, are employed on the building site of the extension. This works well in terms of loyalty to us, no stealing etc. and Nathaly’s (above) dad is one of them.


Funnily enough, my job, yet again, is going up to the Ministry of Education to complain about the no.of teachers the government are paying for, compared with the no. they are supposed to be paying for. I’m getting a sense of déjà-vu here!!

I wish you all a Very Happy Easter wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Thank you one and all for your truly inspiring support and efforts with the Lenten appeal in the diocese of Norwich. We here, are all very grateful to you and the immeasurable difference that it will make to children’s lives here in Pachacutec, Peru. With love, Jill x