At long last, the excellent Padre Omar  has given me a piece of land on his site in Villa Salvador, east of Lima. He understood immediately my point of view about training school leavers who want to do something practical, that will lead to a purposeful job in the future, or to starting their own business etc. As it is the opposite side of Lima to our school, Santa María, there will be a dormitory too for the students who cannot travel daily. It will also be available to the children that he cares for in his refuge for abandoned children, old people and disabled people.

looking at the back of the building that is to be converted into the bakery school


The “team” Enrique the architect, me and Marcel the Austrian Chef.

As ever, when the right people get together, there is a lovely spirit of co operation: the architect is doing his part free, likewise the engineer …and me of course, as always!!

We are already in the planning stage and hope it can open next year, 2019….if the paperwork goes along quickly – Always a worry here!