100_4526These are the latest photos of our extension to Saxlingham St Mary’s. It is now a full primary school, serving 280 children aged 4 – 12. Can you believe the grass?? – all watered by the collection of sea mist, which is saturating at this time of the year. Now there are underground silosand permanent pipe work going in, for the collection of this and recycled water, so that the toilets can be flushed more economically and plants watered. Amazing to me that we have done this in a 3rd world country but not here in the UK?? (or do we?)

You will notice the quality of the bathrooms – a friend of Carlos’, Toto has donated 40m2 of floor tiles + urinals towards this, so a big “thank you” to him. I’ve always said, “let’s give the people there something of quality to brighten their lives” – and little by little 100_4534that’s what we’re doing. The community dining room now has glass in it and is not open air, and the kitchen is being finished. The children have been eating there, but al fresco, even with the wind blowing in and with only a field kitchen facility, because we didn’t have the money to continue. The new classrooms are also being properly finished.

So now, thanks to the Bishop of Norwich’s Lenten appeal money, all this is being done. It’s very expensive, very necessary and so worthwhile, so again, a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to that.

I obviously need to give a lesson in how to change the date on my camera that I left with the headteacher Mary, so that she could send me photos! These were taken 10 days ago!!

look at that green!100_4524100_4521

100_4502toilet block