Hallo everyone – I haven’t been idle even though it’s been a bit quiet blog-wise recently! What with vacating the house for 3 weeks in the summer for building work, then doing extra work to help out another school in September, as well as my ordinary full time job and now I’m on crutches for a few weeks following a foot operation, I’ve been a bit remiss.

Our friends in America haven’t been idle either – BIG thanks to soya milk machine 1them as they’ve raised several hundred dollars which we have used towards our latest purchase – a soya milk making machine. I’m just waiting for an “in-situ” photo and will put that on the blog too when I get it. It will be operated by one of the mothers, probably Magdalena, who will put in soya beans, water and wait while some electrical things happen… and out comes cheap soya milk, enough for our children + 2 other schools. Soya is an excellent source of protein and grown there, so better and cheaper than meat. The mass that’s left will be sent to the baker’s and used to make bread.  So, thank you to everyone involved.