Pamper for Peru day

pamper 4 peru day 2011

Here are a few willing victims for one of our annual fundraising events “Pamper for Peru” day. My friend Ina a reflexologist, myself who does Indian head massage and another Jill who also is a qualified head masseuse, did our treatments + unlimited cakes, coffee and tea in an open house day 2 weeks ago. Some people stayed 2hours while they had 2 treatments and tea etc in between. The “most chilled out” prize would have to go to a lady who stayed 3 hours!! I thought I was going to have to offer her bed & breakfast in the end, but she finally staggered out and probably had the best night’s sleep for ages! If you have any ideas for a fundraising event, please let us know – or organise one yourself and I’ll come and help you. love Jillx