Hola – so many lovely new things have happened or are in the pipeline, since my last blog! The main one being that the Masters English Bakery school is nearly finished and will open soon. Even more exciting is that 3 of our ex – godparented students are receiving free tuition in the art of bakery, from Nova, the top school in Peru. This means that they will be certificated as such by Nova, which in turn “guarantees” them a job. Nova have also donated some very expensive machinery for the school which in turn has saved us thousands of pounds. (which we did not have and so would have to have raised!)

Some of you might be asking yourselves “Jill was talking about that ages ago”!! Yes indeed I was, but the effects of Covid and all schools being closed for TWO YEARS – yes really, means that all building and other activities were also abandoned under Government – imposed restrictions.  The outcome of so many closures of all types of business large and small, means that our parents in Pachacutec have been left in a very precarious state. More so than normal, as the largely “unqualified” population were and are banned from selling food outside; banned from working in enclosed spaces; many businesses simply folded, unable to stay viable. 

None of the Bakery School project would have been possible without the amazing efforts of the wonderful Padre Omar, who already has a home for abandoned and disabled children, on the other side of Lima to our school, where he looks after over 300 children and adults.