Wow – is that OUR school?? – said the children when they turned up at the start of the new school year in April. Carlos had asked the children to draw their favourite ideas. They ranged from red apples on green trees (have you seen all my photos of Pachacutec?!! Not a blade of grass except for in our school!), space rockets, country houses in green fields, to animals and fish. So, he set out to paint the Tree of Life with all these bounties included, on the whole frontage of the original school building of 4 classrooms that Educateperu put up. It required several visits to prepare the walls, + a team of parents, some of his architectural students and some teachers from Markham school to actually do it. They had to paint in the school holidays, with temperatures in the 30’s. Painting cartoon characters on school walls to animate children to go to school is not unusual – but to do such a large scale, higher-minded idea like this, is. It was Carlos’ present to the children and we can safely say that “thrilled” is putting it mildly. Our school is different and we wanted the parents and passers-by to know and remember it.

please click on this address, look at “imagenes” if you want to see what the school looked like first, otherwise, go toactividades” and you can see the whole 5 days work + the children whose pictures were used. What a lovely experience for everyone.