When the website is up and running (april) there will be some formal info. on how to volunteer to help the children in the new school of Saxlingham St Mary’s in Peru. You would be advised to have some Spanish, to make the most of your time there………….it can’t be a tourist “drop-in” kind of a thing! Our school is for 4 – 8 yr olds this year, but there is also a bigger secondary school with whom I have links, should you prefer older children. Write to me at jillcornejoinperu@hotmail.com for more info in the meanwhile.I am just organising the godparenting scheme for the children, to provide them with extra classes that are not normally available, eg p.e, art, music etc. However, we are in need of an extra teacher………………..is there a group of you out there who could share the cost of an English teacher, about $700 for 3 months? This will enable the regular teachers to have some training and for a system of sharing teachers to be organised. The working conditions are not easy and in a new school it takes time to set up everything, it cannot all take place on day one! We have pulled out all the stops to open the school this year….against all the odds, but as a result of this, there are some loose ends that need tying up…and this is one of them!