Dear  Jill, we are so proud of how much money we raised today. We hope you are happy too. We have just counted up the grand total of £156.78p. This is how we did it: Today 21st may 2009 we had a non-uniform day. All the children came in the colours of the Peruvian flag. Everybody brought £1 to join in.

Our other competition was to design a paper aeroplane destined for Peru. here are some of the entries:

fundraising_3[1] (2)fundraising_9[1] (2)fundraising_2[1] (2)

fundraising_4[1] (2)fundraising_6[1] (2)

Sam’s plane travelled the furthest and Jay’s plane was the best-decorated.

fundraising_8[1] (2)fundraising_7[1] (2)

Here we all are outside on the grass

fundraising_1[1] (2)

A BIG BIG thank you to all the children in NF primary school. I’ll come and see you soon and show you some more photos of the children in Saxlingham St Mary’s, Pachacutec, Peru. jillxx